Fancie Pants HCR

We NEVER thought we would consider selling this amazing young cow, but our heifer herd and expanding embryo program has our pastures overcrowded.  SOMEBODY has to go!

 Fancie Pants is just beginning her productive life.  Take a look at her 1st calf, HCR Comanche (now just 2 yrs old).  He is servicing a happy herd in North Dakota, and truly a spectacular young bull.  We are fortunate to have Fancie Pants’ 2nd calf in our heifer herd.  Her 3rd calf will be weaned soon.  He is a full brother to HCR Comanche, and you’ll find him in our sale pen too!

Fancie Pants HCR won her class in the 5th Annual World Qualifying Longhorn Show at the Central States Fair this year.  She brings home a ribbon EVERY time we enter her in a show!

Her twisty horned Dam, HCR Miss Fancy has made a habit of producing champions.   You would drive the wheels off your pickup looking for a more complete and correct Longhorn female.

Miss Fancie is priced at $24,000.00.  If you think that’s too much, we are happy to keep her in our program, and we MIGHT consider selling her heifer (bred to our Drag Iron son).  If you see her in person you probably will put her in your trailer.  She is truly a one of a kind Longhorn female, with a long productive future ahead of her!

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