Starbase 1st Lovely has got it… PLENTY of it!!

We are sure she measures over 100″ of total horn.  We haven’t measured her lately, but three years ago she was over 95″, and she’s had lots of visible horn growth since then.

                                                                                     HCR Top Spot (Starbase Lovely x Top Hand)

Starbase Lovely also produces COLOR, like this yearling bull by Top Hand.  Her 2020 heifer (which ISN”T for sale) is by Clear Winner HCR, and sports a flashy red & white coat.

When we made the decision to sell DEEP into our herd, Starbase Lovely, a daughter of the renown Starbase Commander was one of the very last we wanted to sell.  Still… making room for our herd of heifers and our expanding embryo program comes with a cost.

We have priced her so low I can hardly believe it.  $4,500.00 is only $ 45.00 per inch at 100 inches.  Every inch she is over 100 is FREE!!  She has been in the breeding pasture with TOP HAND for another amazing 2021 calf.  She could easily refund your money with one calf!

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