HCR Corner Stone  DOB 4/24/2020

If you have an eye for potential, this 2020 bull calf, HCR Corner Stone, will make you do a double-take.  His striking color will catch your attention, but as you examine him, his DEEP bodied frame will capture you.  It will take you a while to un-lock your gaze,  but when you do, you will be impressed with his Dam and his Sire.

His Twisty Horned Dam, Fancie Pants HCR

Top Hand, his Sire  Top Hand - Longhorn Bull


THEN, his 2 year old half brothers, HCR Comanche, and HCR Valiant will convince you that this calf is a keeper.

His 2 yr old half Brother, HCR Comanche (Fancie Pants HCR x Clear Winner HCR)

   HCR  Comanche is enjoying his own herd in North Dakota.  He is a Beast!!

Another half Brother, HCR Valiant, sired by Top Hand from Miss Iron Maxine

HCR Corner Stone can be yours for the Reduced price of $3,300.00 (if you act NOW).  This prospect is getting better every day!  You shouldn’t wait!

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