80+ ” ttt, HCR Warpaints Best.  We think she is one of the best daughters of Wyoming Warpaint.

Wyoming Warpaint was one of the most influential bulls in the history of the breed for adding horn to his offspring.  There aren’t many of his daughters available.  Warpaint genetics have proven to be an excellent cross with some of the current bulls in the industry.

HCR Warpaints Best has been in the breeding pasture with another game changing bull, TOP HAND, for a 2021 calf.

She carries her magnificent handle bar horns with a gentle grace as she walks across the pasture.  You will love her easy disposition, which she passes on to her calves.  She is a strong producer that won’t disappoint.  $3,750.00 isn’t much to pay for this jewel.  A TOP HAND calf would make her an exceptional opportunity for someone who wants to add a powerful genetic package to their program.

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