“I’ll buy her if Trump wins re-election”. That sounded ok to me. I am an optimist, who thinks Trump is going to win. Besides, if he doesn’t win it might not matter any way. THANKS Marvin K.
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Half sister to the 2020 WORLD SHOW RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION, O’Bryan’s Cassius.

Rodeo Quill is a 2 year old who has been in the TOP HAND breeding pasture. 

If her first calf is any indication, she is going to be an incredible producer.  You couldn’t afford to buy her award-winning half brother, but you CAN capture the genetics with this heifer who is literally at the beginning of her life.  Her 2021 calf could be sired by TOP HAND… that would be amazing!!  We have to sell her (and several of her pasture-mates) to make room for our 2019 heifers.  We have priced her to sell quickly.  $1,400.00 should have you hooking up your trailer quickly!  Call me any time (605) 381-3998