Wyoming Warpaint

Wyoming Warpaint

She is a daughter of one of the most decorated Sires in Longhorn history, Wyoming Warpaint.  His daughters are prized possessions, and not often for sale. Prom Queen is a very full bodied, correct female.  We haven’t measured her, but think she is over 80″ ttt.


Her 2020 heifer calf by TOP HAND will stay home, but Prom Queen has been in the breeding pasture with TOP HAND for a 2021 calf.  The value of a TOP HAND daughter from Prom Queen would be like winning the lottery!

Opportunities to buy 80+” cows without an inflated price is a tall order.  Prom Queen is an excellent opportunity to get in the game without breaking the bank.  Sale price is an unbelievably low $3,500.00.

If she has a TOP HAND heifer calf, we will refund half your purchase price in exchange for the calf. That’s a deal you won’t even consider, but we would be excited about it!  Hands down, a TOP HAND heifer calf would recap your purchase of the cow.  Seriously, you will want to keep it!!

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