EZTs Wallflower (99.5″ TH) X Top Hand  DOB 4-24-2020

100" Longhorn CowTop Hand - Longhorn Bull

Wallflower is a big framed (probably 1,300 lb) colorful cow who has just graduated to our embryo program.  Her 1st embryo calves are scheduled for 2021. She carries her big horns like a queen… almost 80″ ttt & 100″ th.

Top Hand brings 90+ ” ttt genetics to the mix.  He took 10-14″ off as a youngster, and continues to “broom” his horns, but the horn producing power is coursing through his veins and passed on to his progeny.  He is renown for his ability to produce spectacular daughters, but this young bull calf shows proof of the same results on his sons. We believe the Top Hand influence will lay the horns down flatter, producing even more TTT.

He stands out in the weaning pen, which doesn’t really surprise us.  Both of his parents are the subject of multiple photo-snaps on every pasture tour!

He continues to get darker, and could end up with a black & white coat.  The Parker Brown influence of Top Hand makes some of his calves develop a rich black color as they mature.  The influence of Jamakizm in Top Hand also develops brindle & other amazing colors as his calves mature.

Our plan at this moment is to keep this young bull, but we are willing to let him go to a good home.  He is available for $5,500.00.  We would pay $1,000.00 to lease him for spring breeding on our heifers if you can stand to wait.

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