If you want a producer… examine the pedigree and production.

HCR Jewell (DOB 4/22/2013) fits the bill.  She had a rough winter as a youngster which caused some damage to her horns, but that hasn’t slowed down her productivity.  She is consistent in producing colorful, correct, big-horned calves.  Her 2019 and 2020 calves are good examples of what you can expect from Jewell.

2020 Bull calf by Clear Winner  (He was sold before he was 12 mo. old)

   2019 Heifer by Clear Winner (Sorry, not for sale)               

Her dam, Diamond w 019, was one of our all time favorite cows. 

The legendary Wyoming Warpaint is her Grandsire.  His ability to add horn is well established. 

Jewell has a Clear Winner bull calf at side.  She is priced at $2,450.00.

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