7LS Miss Iron Maxine has PROVEN her worth.

This is a 3 year old steer from her by Top Hand, HCR Torpedo

Her 2 year old Top Hand Son, HCR Valiant is getting better by the minute

Maxine has been in the breeding pasture with Top Hand again this year, for a 2021 calf.  Why would you do anything else, when this mating has produced such dynamic results.  There is a special “magic” crossing her with Top Hand!

We are hoping (praying) for a heifer in 2021.  This is another cow we really don’t want to sell, but making room for our heifer herd and embryo program demands it.  We have priced her at $3,975.00.  We will purchase a heifer calf at weaning for $1,500.00, if you want to “cheapen” her up a bit.  If that doesn’t fit your fancy (no surprise there) we would like an option to flush her to Top Hand on a shared basis with a new owner.

Call any time  (605) 381-3998