HCR Lighting Rod

This yearling bull is adding more color every day (that is typical for Drag Iron progeny).  He brings together the powerful horn genetics of Drag Iron (88.75″ ttt) and Redman5s Legacy (86.75″ ttt)

HCR Lighting Rod should put an explosion of color on his calves, along with the frame and horn of his Sire & Dam.  This is a very unique genetic blend that will only be available in TWO bulls.  His full brother, HCR Hot Iron, is being used on our 2019 heifers, and retained as a Herd Sire prospect for our own herd.

We have retired Redman5s Legacy from our embryo program, so there will not be any more.  This is a one-time opportunity.

HCR Lighting Rod DOB 5-8-2019  This picture was taken on Nov. 6, 2020  Full interest is currently available for $4,000.00.  Half interest for $3,000.00.  These prices are subject to change.  He is a bull that deserves a herd of special cows, and we  are willing to wait.  As he continues to mature, his price will increase accordingly.

This is a VERY special young bull.  Call any time (605) 381-3998