If you are serious about horn, frame and color, you need this calf!!

The Dam, EZT’s Wallflower is a 1,300 lb young cow, which should be over 100″ of total horn (99.5″ in August of 2020) and almost 80 ” ttt (77.5″ in August of 2020)

The Sire, MC Hangin Tuff is the 2nd longest ttt bull in the world (96.8125″) as a 3 yr old.  He should pass up his sire to become the new world record holder at an early age.


We have a confirmed recip pregnancy (45 days on 12/29/2020) from EZT’s Wallflower by the incredible Sire, MC Hangin Tuff, who is only a 3 yr old and already the 2nd longest ttt horned bull in the world (96.8124″).  He has over 108 inches of total horn.  This will be a record-busting calf.

$7,500.00, half down with balance at weaning

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