We have a few young bulls will launch your program in a new and powerful direction.

We have plenty of bull calves each year, but a few are worthy to remain bulls.  They include the best genetics to add HORN, COLOR and CONFORMATION to your next generation.  These youngsters have passed the test!

They come from cows you would love, by the Sires shown below:

Top Hand - Longhorn Bull

               Top Hand       Top Hand tipped both horns as a youngster.  He would be in his mid 90s ttt… he definitely passes his horn and regal stature on to his calves.



Black and White Longhorn Bull


O’Bryans 1st Thrill    Thrill combines the power and color of Overkill and Rodeo Max.  His calves are very full bodied, many of them flashy black & white

Drag Iron  He needs no introduction.  We have used him in our embryo program with great success.  Drag Iron on special cows always produces a home run!

Gordon Howie Longhorn Bull

Clear Winner HCR    Clear Winner is a real champ at adding horn and color to his calves.  It’s easy to spot them in the pasture.


Bulls are a dime a dozen, but performance bulls are priceless.  We have some of those!!

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