Fancie Pants HCR X Clear Winner HCR              DOB 6/17/2021

History tells us he will continue to speckle up as he matures, like his dam and his siblings.

  His dam, Fancie Pants HCR brings the color and size from Drag Iron and the explosive horn producing ability of the Legendary Wyoming Warpaint.

Gordon Howie Longhorn Bull

His sire, Clear Winner HCR adds the power of Top Caliber and Clear Win.


His young dam is a show champion with horns that just keep twisting.

She has produce some of our best calves ever in her short career, including her 1st calf, HCR Comanche (pictured here as just a 2 yr old) who makes his home in North Dakota.

Buy him at weaning for $2,750.00 or wait until next spring when he will be priced higher.  This is a bull calf that will mature into a remarkable herd sire for some lucky herd of special cows!  Call me any time 605-381-3998