She is a Top Hand Daughter, but that’s just the beginning!

Please excuse the name dropping…. Cowboy Chex, Maximus XT, Top Caliber, Jamakizm, Hunts Command Respect, to name a few.  HCR Flashy Top is just a 3 year old.  DOB 4-30-2018

O’Bryans First Thrill, as a 3 yr old

She has a 2021 bull calf at side by O’Bryans First Thrill (Denver champion as a yearling).  Thrill adds a few “names” of significance to the mix for this expected calf.  Rodeo Max and Overkill on top of all the other genetic influencers should produce the calf of Longhorn Lover’s dreams!

It’s painful to put Flashy Top in the Sale Pen, but our pastures are bursting at the seams, and another calf crop will be here soon.  Top Hand daughters are a precious commodity… don’t let this one get away!

Flashy Top goes in your trailer with her calf for $2,350.00.  If you can pass her up, you must already have a powerful set of cows at home!  When she grows up, she will be the leader of your bell-ringers.

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