Longhorn Lean Beef

Longhorn Lean


Tasty, Tender & Healthy

Our grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef is much healthier than the standard beef available at the grocery store. Longhorn products test lower in cholesterol and higher in protein. They are also higher in vitamin A, CLAs and Omega 3 fatty acids – all crucial in reducing cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure.


Longhorn Beef - South Dakota

Eat Healthy, Grass-fed Longhorn Beef

“Longhorn meat, on average contains 10% less saturated fat than that of other cattle. That puts lean longhorn beef on par with skinned boneless white meat of chicken.” Dr. Joseph Graham, Cardiovascular Surgeon at St. John’s Medical Center.

Longhorn Burger


What Our Customers Say

Our Longhorn Beef wins the taste test! The chef and staff of an upscale restaurant compared our grass-fed Longhorn to “finished” Angus . . . They unanimously preferred our beef!

“Wow, that is the best beef yet! Gotta love Longhorns – dead or alive. Thanks!

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Longhorn Beef

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More of Our Herd

Clear Winner HCR

Clear Winner was measured at 53" TTT at 19 months. That's 3 inches MORE than his 87.375" Sire, Clear Win and just 2.63" behind his 90.875" brother, Clear Point at the same age. Oh yes, his other brother, 90.75" TCC Winning Honor is another one of the top TtT Longhorns...

O’Bryan’s First Thrill

"Thrill" was test bred to a select group of heifers for a 2019 calf crop.  His calves, mostly black and white, are the most flashy of any we have ever had! Thrill brings a blend of two great bulls, Overkill and Rodeo Max, and the great producing cow, Sweet Kookateu....

Top Hand

Top Hand is in the 90" League.  He tipped 5-7" off of each horn as a youngster, and he continues to broom off his tips.  Still, he Measured 79" TTT on 10/24/19  If you do the math, it's easy to see that he would measure in his 90's.  His progeny provides the evidence...

HCR Hot Iron

HCR Hot Iron Is a very powerful and unique genetic blend.  Drag Iron, his sire, needs no introduction.  His Dam, Redman5s Legacy may be one of the best-kept secrets in the Longhorn industry.  When she arrived at our ranch, she came as a significantly UNDER-USED...

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