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Redman5s Legacy


 Measurement 2-13-2017  Just 3 1/4" from 90 !!  Legacy measured 86.75" TTT   She is a top tier foundation cow at our ranch.

Her Pedigree


One of her daughters


This is a yearling Legacy heifer by Top Hand

Spring 2019 Calf by this Sire


JH Rural Safari Son was over 80" TTT at 28 months., and 83 1/2" TTT at 32 months.  We are anxiously awaiting the embryo calves from this mating!!

Spring 2019 calves by this Sire


TCC Houdini is one of a very few bulls in the exclusive 90" club (92.75" TTT).  This blend with Legacy should produce a real champion!

Spring 2019 calves by this Sire


Drag Iron is one of those rare bulls who "has it all"... horn (just under 90"ttt), color and conformation.  His influence with Legacy will create something very special!