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Top Hand, Our Senior Herd Sire


Top Hand is in the 90" League.  He tipped 5-7" off of each horn as a youngster, and he continues to broom off his tips.  Still, he Measured 79" TTT on 10/24/19  If you do the math, it's easy to see that he would measure in his 90's.  His progeny provides the evidence of his power to pass on Horn, conformation and color.

Top Hand Pedigree


  He brings the genetics of two legendary bulls, Top Caliber (88.25" T2T) and WS Jamakizm (83" T2T) to our herd.    For color, conformation, horn and disposition... he is a game changer and one of the most impressive bulls in the breed.   

Clear Winner HCR, our Jr Herd Sire


 Clear Winner was  measured at 53" TTT at 19 months.  That's 3 inches MORE than his 87.375" Sire, Clear Win and just 2.63" behind his 90.875" brother, Clear Point at the same age.  Oh yes, his other brother, 90.75" TCC Winning Honor is another one of the top TtT Longhorns in the industry!  And his grandpa, Top Caliber is 88.25" 

Clear Winner HCR Pedigree


 A 2015 Son of Clear Win  (87.375" T2T)   out of a Top Caliber (88.25" T2T) Dam.  Two of his half brothers are over 90" ttt    Maybe you can see why we are excited!                           DOB 4-02-2015 

OBryans First Thrill, trial breeding sire


"Thrill" was test bred to a select group of heifers for a 2019 calf crop.  His calves, mostly black and white, are the most flashy of any we have ever had!

"Thrill's" Pedigree


Thrill brings a blend of two great bulls, Overkill and Rodeo Max, and the great producing cow, Sweet Kookateu.  This combination has proven to be a home run with Top Hand and Clear Winner heifers!

Yearling Heifer by Clear Winner


We only have a few from his 1st calf crop, but they are ALL keepers!!

Yearling Heifer by Top Hand


This is a particularly special heifer from Redman5s Legacy.  She is the only heifer from that cross, and we LOVE her!

Another Top Hand Heifer


Every one of the Top Hand heifers are amazing!

Another Top Hand Heifer


What's not to like??

We will be sharing more pictures of the beautiful heifers from Clear Winner and Top Hand, but you really should come see them for yourself!!

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