And his Daddy!!

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And his sisters…  This is a family that produces.  Period.  We could show you more, like his maternal Granddam, but you probably get the point.

HCR Brutus    DOB  3/18/2020  This herd sire prospect comes from a family that always performs!  His pedigree combines the best of foundational McGill genetics with names like JP Rio Grande, Top Caliber, Clear Win and Texanna Van Horne in a blend that will deliver color, frame and HORN!

His Dam, HCR Moonbeam, never fails to raise one of the best in the weaning pen.

HCR Sunbeam (his full sister x Clear Winner), might be the longest horned yearling we have raised.

This picture shows her as a 2 yr old.

Gordon Howie Longhorn Bull

His Sire, Clear Winner HCR is well named.  His calves are clearly winners in anyone’s herd.  Don’t let his line-back coat fool you.  He has produced some of the most flashy, colorful calves in our pasture.  You’ll see more of them as we show you his daughters that are staying in our program.

HCR Moonbeam’s Shadow (Half sister x Top Hand), pictured here as a yearling, is maintaining the family tradition of being among the best in the pen!


If you want a herd sire that will produce strong bodied foundation females with lots of color and horn, you will pack your bags and bring your trailer to get this calf.

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