She is one of the very few females we have not priced for sale.

We acquired Legacy when we began our embryo program.  She was an “old timer”, but we wanted to give her an opportunity for one last hurrah!  She has served her purpose, giving us a few extraordinarily special calves.

The first was HCR Legacy II.  She is now a 3 year old, Sired by Top Hand.  We think she will be a participant in our embryo program in a couple more years.

Another offspring of Redman5s Legacy is HCR Hot Iron (Sired by Drag Iron).  He is just a yearling, and busy with his own harem of heifers at our ranch.  We think he is going to be something special too!  We’ll update you when we see his first calf crop in 2021.

HCR Hot Iron has a full brother who is available for sale, and a couple of sisters in our yearling heifer pen.