Cutting Edge Confirmed Embryo Pregnancy

Cutting Edge Confirmed Embryo Pregnancy

If you are serious about horn, frame and color, you need this calf!!

The Dam, EZT’s Wallflower is a 1,300 lb young cow, which should be over 100″ of total horn (99.5″ in August of 2020) and almost 80 ” ttt (77.5″ in August of 2020)

The Sire, MC Hangin Tuff is the 2nd longest ttt bull in the world (96.8125″) as a 3 yr old.  He should pass up his sire to become the new world record holder at an early age.


We have a confirmed recip pregnancy (45 days on 12/29/2020) from EZT’s Wallflower by the incredible Sire, MC Hangin Tuff, who is only a 3 yr old and already the 2nd longest ttt horned bull in the world (96.8124″).  He has over 108 inches of total horn.  This will be a record-busting calf.

$7,500.00, half down with balance at weaning

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The “Right Stuff”

The “Right Stuff”

  HCR Right Stuff has a Power-Packed family tree!! DOB 4/20/2020

Multiply the power of your cows with this Herd Sire Prospect. His dam is a Top Hand daughter out of the big-horned Redman5s Legacy. He’ll add the genetics of WS Jamakizm, Top Caliber and Clear Win over the Legendary McGill foundation. He’s ready NOW! Call me any time 605-381-3998 

His Dam, HCR Legacy II.. DOB 3/21/17.

And she’s the ONLY daughter of Redman5s Legacy by Top Hand

Top Hand - Longhorn BullHoly Cow Ranch Longhorns

Redman5s Legacy ( Knocking on 90″ ttt) Top Hand (mid 90’s ttt genetics)



His Sire, Clear Winner HCR has proven to be an excellent cross on Top Hand Daughters.  Gordon Howie Longhorn Bull

Clear Winner has Sired one of the most powerful young bulls we have seen anywhere.


His son, HCR Comanche, is pictured here as a 2 yr old.

Another half brother, HCR Legacy’s Thrill, is now in service on a set of heifers in Colorado.

We think HCR Right Stuff may even surpass him… we are watching closely!

If you are looking for a prospect with Horn strength, frame and color, HCR Right Stuff has all the ingredients of a great herd sire.  We have him modestly priced at $3,500.00 (for now).  As he matures, his price will increase.  We know the “stuff” he is made of, and it gets better every day!!

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Black Bull with Horn Genetics

Black Bull with Horn Genetics

DOB 4-22-2020  HCR Night Rider    Sorry…. he’s gone!!


It’s hard to get a good picture, but seeing him in person would convince you that this young bull is a strong candidate for anyone looking for a “true black” bull.

His 3 yr old Dam, HCR Trixie, brings the power of JP Rio Grande, Clear Win, Top Caliber and Texana Van Horne.   His Sire, O’Bryans First Thrill, also just a 3 yr old, is a Rodeo Max/Overkill blend.  We think a combo like that could be one of the most exciting, big-horned black bulls around.

His Dam, HCR Trixie, has plenty of horn, even though she tipped about 4 ” from her left horn.  Her Pedigree is shown below.




His Sire, O’Bryans First Thrill has produced the most spectacular black & white calves with impressive frame and horn growth.  We have kept EVERY one of his heifers.

HCR Night Rider is a real stand-out in the weaning pen.  We thought about pricing him at $ .25 per inch of horn in his family tree, but that would have made him slightly out of reach at over $125,000.00.  Instead, we priced him at $2,400.00, making him an affordable “next generation” bull for any breeder serious about adding black and horn to their program.

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Genetic Gold Mine

Genetic Gold Mine

She is a Top Hand Daughter, but that’s just the beginning!

Please excuse the name dropping…. Cowboy Chex, Maximus XT, Top Caliber, Jamakizm, Hunts Command Respect, to name a few.  HCR Flashy Top is just a 2 year old.  DOB 4-30-2018

O’Bryans First Thrill, just a 3 yr old

She was in the breeding pasture with O’Bryans First Thrill (Denver champion as a yearling) in hopes of a flashy black & white 2021 calf.  Thrill adds a few “names” of significance to the mix for this expected calf.  Rodeo Max and Overkill on top of all the other genetic influencers should produce the calf of Longhorn Lover’s dreams!

It’s painful to put Flashy Top in the Sale Pen, but our pastures are bursting at the seams, and another calf crop will be here soon.  Top Hand daughters are a precious commodity… don’t let this one get away!

Flashy Top will be consigned to the Top Hand Invitational Longhorn Sale, August 21, 2021 in Rapid City, South Dakota at the Central States Fair.  If you can pass her up, you must already have a powerful set of cows at home!  When she grows up, she will be the leader of your bell-ringers.

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Look at His Momma

Look at His Momma

And his Daddy!!

And his sisters…  This is a family that produces.  Period.  We could show you more, like his maternal Granddam, but you probably get the point.

HCR Brutus    DOB  3/18/2020  This herd sire prospect comes from a family that always performs!  His pedigree combines the best of foundational McGill genetics with names like JP Rio Grande, Top Caliber, Clear Win and Texanna Van Horne in a blend that will deliver color, frame and HORN!

His Dam, HCR Moonbeam, never fails to raise one of the best in the weaning pen.

HCR Sunbeam (his full sister x Clear Winner), might be the longest horned yearling we have raised.

This picture shows her as a 2 yr old.

Gordon Howie Longhorn Bull

His Sire, Clear Winner HCR is well named.  His calves are clearly winners in anyone’s herd.  Don’t let his line-back coat fool you.  He has produced some of the most flashy, colorful calves in our pasture.  You’ll see more of them as we show you his daughters that are staying in our program.

HCR Moonbeam’s Shadow (Half sister x Top Hand), pictured here as a yearling, is maintaining the family tradition of being among the best in the pen!


If you want a herd sire that will produce strong bodied foundation females with lots of color and horn, you will pack your bags and bring your trailer to get this calf.  He has been weaned for about a month, gentle and ready to halter break.  Just take him home and love him, and he will reward you with a remarkable calf crop from your heifers.  $2,450.00 is his price now.  He will cost more if you wait until later.

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HCR Samson

HCR Samson

EZTs Wallflower X Top Hand  DOB 4-24-2020

HCR Samson is going to live up to his name… Powerful, Beautiful and Mighty!!  He will create a pasture of females that will blow the doors off of your already great program, or give you a foundation that will launch your herd into “elite” status.  He will NOT be an ordinary bull.

100" Longhorn CowTop Hand - Longhorn Bull

Wallflower is a big framed (probably 1,300 lb) colorful cow who has just graduated to our embryo program.  Her 1st embryo calves are scheduled for 2021. She carries her big horns like a queen… should be over 80″ ttt & 100″ th since last time she was measured.

Top Hand brings 90+ ” ttt genetics to the mix.  He took 10-14″ off as a youngster, and continues to “broom” his horns, but the horn producing power is coursing through his veins and passed on to his progeny.  He is renown for his ability to produce spectacular daughters, but this young bull calf shows proof of the same results on his sons. We believe the Top Hand influence will lay the horns down flatter, producing even more TTT.

He stands out in the weaning pen, which doesn’t really surprise us.  Both of his parents are the subject of multiple photo-snaps on every pasture tour!

He is going to be a spectacularly colored roan, with a family history of wonderful color.  The influence of Jamakizm in Top Hand also develops brindle & other amazing colors as his calves mature.

He is available for $5,500.00.

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