Flashy Heifer

Flashy Heifer

HCR Precious     DOB 6/15/2019

Some of the familiar names in her pedigree include:  Cowboy Chex, Jamakizm, Hunt’s Command Respect, Maximus ST, Top Caliber, Drag Iron and Clear Win.

She was in the breeding pasture with HCR HOT IRON (Redman5s Legacy x Drag Iron) for a 2021 first calf. This is HCR HOT IRON as a yearling… LOTS more horn now!!  This mating should produce a remarkable calf!

She is priced at $3,250.00  Call me any time  605-381-3998

Don’t wait too long, or she will be GONE to a new, happy home!!

Black and White

Black and White

HCR Midnight Sun     DOB 5/08/2018

A 2021 bull calf at side by O’Bryans First Thrill.  This young cow has family ties you will recognize:  Texanna Van Horne, JP Rio Grande, Clear Win and Top Caliber.  Her horns look like they are just SCREAMING to roll back.

Buy her today and watch your investment grow!!  Priced at $2,975.00

Call me any time 605-381-3998

Don’t wait too long on this one!!

Pedigree Equals Performance

Pedigree Equals Performance

HCR Painted Pretty   DOB 5/01/2019

Can you see the Drag Iron influence??  This Clear Winner daughter brings Drag Iron, Clear Win, Top Caliber, Wyoming Warpaint to the game, and she has been in the breeding pasture with HOT IRON (Drag Iron x Redman5s Legacy) for a 2021 calf.

If you like her now, just wait a year or two when she has a horn explosion!

Call me any time 605-381-3998 She is yours for $3,100.00

Stand-Out Prospect!!

Stand-Out Prospect!!

Yearling Bull   Baroness x O’Bryans First Thrill  DOB 4/14/2020

His Dam (HCR Baroness)… another magnificent TOP HAND daughter… was Grand Champion Female as a yearling at the Central States Fair.  His Sire was the Denver Champion as a yearling.  Powerful genetics from every angle.

For the Show Circuit or the Breeding Pasture, he is a GREAT choice!!

Call me any time 605-381-3998 $2,450.00 puts him in your pasture!

Don’t Let Her Red Hide Fool You

Don’t Let Her Red Hide Fool You

HCR Glamorous   DOB 4/17/2018

She is a TOP HAND daughter with a strong McGill foundation on the dam’s side.  We think she is going to roll back with some magnificent handlebar horns as she matures.  Modestly priced at $2,350.00

We are keeping her flashy black & white heifer calf by O’bryans First Thrill from last year as her replacement.  She was in the breeding pasture with Thrill again, for a 2021 calf with the same pedigree.  You will like the calf!

Call any time 605-381-3998

Cutting Edge Confirmed Embryo Pregnancy

Cutting Edge Confirmed Embryo Pregnancy

If you are serious about horn, frame and color, you need this calf!!

The Dam, EZT’s Wallflower is a 1,300 lb young cow, which should be over 100″ of total horn (99.5″ in August of 2020) and almost 80 ” ttt (77.5″ in August of 2020)

The Sire, MC Hangin Tuff is the 2nd longest ttt bull in the world (96.8125″) as a 3 yr old.  He should pass up his sire to become the new world record holder at an early age.


We have a confirmed recip pregnancy (45 days on 12/29/2020) from EZT’s Wallflower by the incredible Sire, MC Hangin Tuff, who is only a 3 yr old and already the 2nd longest ttt horned bull in the world (96.8124″).  He has over 108 inches of total horn.  This will be a record-busting calf.

$7,500.00, half down with balance at weaning

Call me any time  (605) 381-3998