Flashy 2 Yr Old Heifer

Flashy 2 Yr Old Heifer

HCR Saphire                     DOB 3-30-2019

She has been in the breeding pasture with our Black & White Denver Champion Bull, O’Bryans 1st Thrill (Rodeo Max/Overkill blend) for a 2022 calf.

We think this breeding combo will create a color explosion!

Connecting these pedigrees creates a unique and powerful genetic package… Top Caliber, Wyoming Warpaint, Clear Win, Rodeo Max and Overkill will be an amazing foundation for this 2022 calf.

HCR Saphire catches your eye in the pasture, and her pedigree will make her a top producer in any pasture.


HCR Saphire’s Sire, Clear Winner HCR has been a game changer for added horn!  He also adds excellent conformation and splashes of color.

You can put this package in YOUR front pasture for $3,200.00 Call me any time 605-381-3998.  Better yet, come see her in person!!  It will be love at 1st sight!

Young, Dark and Beautiful

Young, Dark and Beautiful

HCR Night Moves      DOB 3-24-19

She is a very promising 2 1/2 yr old

She has been a great Mom.  We are retaining her 1st calf, a 2021 Bull calf by HCR Hot Iron (Redman5s Legacy x Drag Iron), and she has been in the breeding pasture with Hot Iron for a 2022 calf.

Her Sire is a Rodeo Max/Overkill blend

Her Dam brings even MORE horn genetics, with Clear Win, Top Caliber and the Legendary Wyoming Warpaint

If you like her in the picture, you will LOVE her in person.  She’s an easy keeper, and priced to sell quickly at $2,850.00.  If you find a better deal on a black & white young female with a pedigree stacked like this… BUY HER.  Or, save yourself a lot of time and trouble and just bring your trailer!

Call me any time! 605-381-3998

HCR Spectacular Di

HCR Spectacular Di

DOB 7-26-20   She’s flashy enough to make you wear sun glasses!

She has been in the pasture with HCR B 51, a young bull with his own remarkable story to tell.

Her 2022 calf should be a real home run!

Her Dam is a TOP HAND daughter

Her Sire is Denver Champion O’Bryans First Thrill (Overkill/Rodeo Max/Drag Iron blend)

Her Grand Dam has produced some very twisty horned females, and remains one of our favorite foundation cows.

The “Today  Price” is $1,650.00.  Tomorrow, that price will change… and it won’t be less.  Call me any time and hook up your trailer!!  605-381-3998



Big Horned, Full Bodied, Foundation Female

Big Horned, Full Bodied, Foundation Female

Wyoming Warpaint

She is a daughter of one of the most decorated Sires in Longhorn history, Wyoming Warpaint.  His daughters are prized possessions, and not often for sale. Prom Queen YS is a very full bodied, correct female.  We haven’t measured her lately, but think she is over 80″ ttt.


Her 2020 heifer calf by TOP HAND will stay home.

Opportunities to buy 80+” cows without an inflated price is a tall order.  Prom Queen is an excellent opportunity to get in the game without breaking the bank.  She is priced at $3,850.00, and we MIGHT be willing to entertain a trade???

She might be the most complete Wyoming Warpaint daughter.  Full bodied and spectacular rolling twist to her mighty horns.  She is confirmed bred for a spring calf in 2022.

Call me any time (605) 381-3998

Power to Perform

Power to Perform

  HCR B-51 has a Power-Packed family tree!! DOB 4/20/2020

Multiply the power of your cows with this Herd Sire Prospect. His dam is a Top Hand daughter out of the big-horned Redman5s Legacy. He’ll add the genetics of WS Jamakizm, Top Caliber and Clear Win over the Legendary McGill foundation. He’s ready NOW! Call me any time 605-381-3998 

His Dam, HCR Legacy II.. DOB 3/21/17.

And she’s the ONLY daughter of Redman5s Legacy by Top Hand

Top Hand - Longhorn BullHoly Cow Ranch Longhorns

Redman5s Legacy ( Knocking on 90″ ttt) Top Hand (mid 90’s ttt genetics)

His Sire, Clear Winner HCR has proven to be an excellent cross on Top Hand Daughters.

Clear Winner has Sired one of the most powerful young bulls we have seen anywhere.


His son, HCR Comanche, is pictured here as a 2 yr old.

Another half brother, HCR Legacy’s Thrill, is now in service on a set of heifers in Colorado.

We think HCR RB-51 may even surpass him… we are watching closely!

If you are looking for a prospect with Horn strength, frame and color, HCR B-51 has all the ingredients of a great herd sire.  He is enjoying the company of our yearling heifers, but if you like him, he is available for a modest $3,800.00. We know the “stuff” he is made of, and it gets better every day!!

Call any time  (605) 381-3998

Twist and LOTS of Color

Twist and LOTS of Color

HCR Corner Stone  DOB 4/24/2020

If you have an eye for potential, this 2020 bull calf, HCR Corner Stone, will make you do a double-take.  His striking color will catch your attention, but as you examine him, his DEEP bodied frame will capture you.  It will take you a while to un-lock your gaze,  but when you do, you will be impressed with his Dam and his Sire.

His Twisty Horned Dam, Fancie Pants HCR

Top Hand, his Sire  Top Hand - Longhorn Bull


THEN, his 2 year old half brothers, HCR Comanche, and HCR Valiant will convince you that this calf is a keeper.

His 2 yr old half Brother, HCR Comanche (Fancie Pants HCR x Clear Winner HCR)

   HCR  Comanche is enjoying his own herd in North Dakota.  He is a Beast!!

Another half Brother, HCR Valiant, sired by Top Hand from Miss Iron Maxine

HCR Corner Stone can be yours for the Reduced price of $3,300.00 (if you act NOW).  This prospect is getting better every day!  You shouldn’t wait!

Call me any time (605) 381-3998