HCR Samson

HCR Samson

EZTs Wallflower X Top Hand  DOB 4-24-2020

HCR Samson is going to live up to his name… Powerful, Beautiful and Mighty!!  He will create a pasture of females that will blow the doors off of your already great program, or give you a foundation that will launch your herd into “elite” status.  He will NOT be an ordinary bull.

100" Longhorn CowTop Hand - Longhorn Bull

Wallflower is a big framed (probably 1,300 lb) colorful cow who has just graduated to our embryo program.  Her 1st embryo calves are scheduled for 2021. She carries her big horns like a queen… should be over 80″ ttt & 100″ th since last time she was measured.

Top Hand brings 90+ ” ttt genetics to the mix.  He took 10-14″ off as a youngster, and continues to “broom” his horns, but the horn producing power is coursing through his veins and passed on to his progeny.  He is renown for his ability to produce spectacular daughters, but this young bull calf shows proof of the same results on his sons. We believe the Top Hand influence will lay the horns down flatter, producing even more TTT.

He stands out in the weaning pen, which doesn’t really surprise us.  Both of his parents are the subject of multiple photo-snaps on every pasture tour!

He is going to be a spectacularly colored roan, with a family history of wonderful color.  The influence of Jamakizm in Top Hand also develops brindle & other amazing colors as his calves mature.

He is available for $5,500.00.

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Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful

HCR Clear Cut is just 2 yrs old.  DOB 5-10-18

Her pedigree reads like a who’s who of Longhorn history… Hashbrown, Clear Win, Top Caliber, WS Jamakizm, Wyoming Warpaint, Winchester, Drag Iron, Hunts Command Respect, Super Bowl…

Black & White calf in 2021??  The chances are very good.  She spent the 2020 breeding season with O’bryans First Thrill, who has given us spectacular B&W calves from red or red & white dams. 

Thrill has a proven record with this type of female.  For two years he has given us the most colorful calves we have ever had.  His 3rd calf crop is coming in 2021, and we expect HCR Clear Cut to present another one!  Her 2020 Black & White heifer calf by Thrill is staying at our ranch!

HCR Clear Cut comes with the powerful genetic influence of her own sire, Clear Winner HCR Gordon Howie Longhorn Bull(Clear Win/Top Caliber blend).  If you take a ranch tour with me you will see some amazing females produced by Clear Winner.  His calves are always among the very best in our weaning pen.

HCR Clear Cut isn’t “Just another cow”.  She is in the prime of her productive years, with the genetics to do some very special things for your herd.  Her disposition will endear her to you.  Her pedigree will impress your friends.  Her calves will make your checkbook smile.

She will be consigned to the Top Hand Invitational Longhorn Sale, August 21, 2021 in Rapid City, South Dakota at the Central States Fair.


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Genetics and Production

Genetics and Production

If you want a producer… examine the pedigree and production.

HCR Jewell (DOB 4/22/2013) fits the bill.  She had a rough winter as a youngster which caused some damage to her horns, but that hasn’t slowed down her productivity.  She is consistent in producing colorful, correct, big-horned calves.  Her 2019 and 2020 calves are good examples of what you can expect from Jewell.

2020 Bull calf by Clear Winner  (He was sold before he was 12 mo. old)

   2019 Heifer by Clear Winner (Sorry, not for sale)               

Her dam, Diamond w 019, was one of our all time favorite cows. 

The legendary Wyoming Warpaint is her Grandsire.  His ability to add horn is well established. 

Jewell was in the Clear Winner breeding pasture for another home-run calf in 2021.  Jewell is priced at $2,450.00, and we will buy back a heifer calf at $1,000 (a bargain for us… you will want to keep her).

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Drag Iron / Redman5s Legacy

Drag Iron / Redman5s Legacy

HCR Lighting Rod

This yearling bull is adding more color every day (that is typical for Drag Iron progeny).  He brings together the powerful horn genetics of Drag Iron (88.75″ ttt) and Redman5s Legacy (87.5″ ttt  99″ th)

HCR Lighting Rod should put an explosion of color on his calves, along with the frame and horn of his Sire & Dam.  This is a very unique genetic blend that will only be available in TWO bulls.  His full brother, HCR Hot Iron, is being used on our 2019 heifers, and retained as a Herd Sire prospect for our own herd.

We have retired Redman5s Legacy from our embryo program, so there will not be any more.  This is a one-time opportunity.

HCR Lighting Rod DOB 5-8-2019  Full interest is currently available for $3,700.00.  He is a bull that deserves a herd of special cows.

This is a VERY special young bull.  Call any time (605) 381-3998


If You Like Blue…

If You Like Blue…

You will LOVE this young steer.                   

HCR Little Boy Blue     DOB 7-13-2018

He just turned two in July of this year.  You can expect an explosion of horn, since he is a son of Clear Winner HCR.  His flashy blue coat makes him a real stand out in the pasture.  It is going to be amazing to see him in a couple years.

Pictures don’t do him justice.  He is a loud colored steer that gets bolder color every day.

We will be very happy to keep him, but pasture demands that we have to keep a lid on our numbers.  If you agree that $2,300.00 is a bargain for a steer with so much chrome, bring your trailer and brighten up your pasture!!

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